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With six years of working with couples, I create the Humanity Retreat Matchmaking service specializes in helping people date other professional individuals that match their interests, values, life philosophy, and goals. Our focus is unique because we use a mental health approach; I use questions guided by relationship researchers to pair potential dates. Our office is in the state of Utah, located in the Salt Lake City Marmalade district.

How it works?

  • Only Utah singles

  • Avoid having to spend time screening multiple profiles online.

  • Each client has a Background screening

  • Each client has a Credit Score screening

  • Professional full body picture taken of your match will be provided

  • We will call both clients to discuss potential match then put you in contact with each other.

Young Couple

Why should I consider using a Personal Matchmaker?

No need to sort through many online or app dating profiles. No need to go into a date knowing very little about the person. Not having to experience ghosting, not knowing why the person just disappeared on you. The wondering if the person is real or if it is a scam will be gone. No need to worry if the person is really going to look like their half body picture I saw?  No need to spend months dating someone to find out your life goals and core values are very different.  Our goal is for you to have the experience of meeting someone with whom you have been match due to an overwhelming number of commonalities. Having a good idea of who you are meeting increases your chance for success to find the right person.

We will find your better half

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