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Teenager’s Retreat was created for teenagers 14 to 18 to practice social skills, learn good communication skills, and have fun. It offers our middle age teens the opportunity to come, learn the skill of the month, share a non-alcoholic drink, and listen to music with a live DJ. Within this event, the first hour is utilized for skill-building and sharing thoughts and feelings with other teens. A mental health counselor facilitates the teenager’s Retreat, but it is not considered a therapy group because it is not therapeutic. Instead, it is a skills-based group. Teens come to this Retreat to learn, practice communication skills, and recreate with other teens. Humanity Retreat offers two chaperones, but it is not liable for what teens do outside the three hours of the recreational activity.

Through intentional, professional planning and leadership, the Teenager’s Retreat experience invites the young members of our community from different backgrounds to create a place that connects our differences and creates a sense of altruism, self-curiosity, community involvement, connection to self, and adventure. 

The Teenagers Retreat is a warm space that recognizes the importance of having a safe and empowering place as an option for our teens to grow, recreate and expand their network.

Date, Time & Location

October 21

  • @ 5:30 pm –8:30 pm

  • Location: J1595 N Mandalay Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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